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The multilingual framework for localizing LaTeX, LuaLaTeX, XeLaTeX

What’s new in babel 3.72


⚠ Remember the luatex support for amsmath has not been finished. Expect some anomalous vertical skips in displays (partly due to a bug in luatex — a fix is on the way), even with the standard environments, and misplaced tags in some cases (for example, with aligned and gathered). While version 3.72 will produce very often the expected result in monolingual documents, there are still some rough edges.


Info with main

This is a minor change. The purpose of the key main was just to overcome a wrong setting of the main language in some cases, particularly when the languages were declared at both \usepackage and \selectlanguage, not as a general procedure to set it.

Now an ‘info’ is printed to the log file recommending the default way to set it (namely, as the last declared language).