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The multilingual framework for localizing LaTeX, LuaLaTeX, XeLaTeX


The Czech language is available for pdftex, xetex, and luatex. To write a document in this language just write in the preamble:

\usepackage[czech, shorthands="]{babel}

In pdftex you also need:


The current version was prepared by Petr Tesařík, and great care has been taken to ensure backward compatibility with CSLaTeX.


This style makes by default the hyphen active to allow repeating it at the beginning at the line. This is strongly discouraged, because it can break labels, negative numbers, and other elements; this explains the option shorthands=" above (which means ‘activate only the " shorthand’).

If you are using pdftex or xetex and need this feature, just omit this setting. With luatex there is a better option: add the following after loading Babel:

\babelprovide[transforms = hyphen.repeat]{czech}

Line breaking

Only luatex. The transform oneletter.nobreak converts a space after a non-syllabic preposition or conjunction into a non-breaking space.