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The multilingual framework for localizing LaTeX, LuaLaTeX, XeLaTeX

What’s new in babel 3.70



(Only luatex.)

With the transform prehyphen.nobreak line breaks just after hyphens prepended to words are prevented, like in “pakastekaapit ja -arkut”. More precisely, in the sequence [space or punctuation] + [hyphen] + [alphanumeric], the hyphen is moved to the beginning of the following line if necessary. This makes unnecessary to write systematically "= in these situations.

Remember transforms are not available in XeTeX or pdfTeX, which still require the shorthand. This is a LuaTeX-only feature.

Fixes for amsmath with luatex (still tentative)

Please, note these fixes are basically dirty tricks to get the most typical cases to work, after a ‘hunting’ in search of possible issues in every environment, with right and left tags. The pending issues are related to luatex, to amsmath and (of course) to babel itself.

The environments patched are align(*), multline(*), aligned, gather(*) subequation, equation(*), split, and cases.

The commands \text and \intertext has been patched, too, to set the correct direction (but \hbox won’t work as expected).

Fixing equation turned out to be much more involved as expected because of long standing bugs in \eqno and \leqno. Not only the the label may be misplaced with the latter (sometimes, but it seems to work with babel), but the calculations for the skip before and after the equation, based on the length of the previous line, are reversed (the skip for \eqno is that for \leqno and vice versa).

There also some fixes for the standard equation and eqnarray, but some issues in the spacing remains.

Other fixes

Some fonts for graphics raised an error with bidi=basic.