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The multilingual framework for localizing LaTeX, LuaLaTeX, XeLaTeX

What’s new in babel 3.88


New locale files

There are 37 new locale files, based on the just released CLDR 43. They are, grouped by script:

In addition, some month names in Greek has been fixed (thanks to Günter Milde).

New hook

With a new hook, code can be injected before the declarations by a language within \AtBeginDocument. The optional argument with the language in this particular case is not the ‘current’ one, because at this point is always the main language, but the language that wrote the code. There is also a special value in this argument, because / means ‘return to the core babel definitions’ (in other words, what follows hasn’t been written by any language).

Preview: casing

This features relies in a future change in the LaTeX kernel, so it’s not currently available and, of course, experimental. It’s related to the new casing mechanism.

There is a new option in \babelprovide to set the default casing rules in a few languages. They are (from interface3.pdf):

For example: