LaTeX Tagging Project

The LaTeX Tagged PDF repository

See https://www.latex-project.org/publications/indexbytopic/pdf/ for articles and other material about the “LaTeX Tagged PDF” project.

This tagging-project repository does not contain any code.

It is meant to track issues and suggestions related to the “LaTeX Tagged PDF” project. The code for this project is split over several other repositories (latex2e, latex3, tagpdf, … to name a few) and so this here is a convenient place to keep any more general topics or issues that cut across the different repositories in a single place.

If an issue that is recorded here requires changes in the other repositories sub-issues can then be opened (by us) in those repositories and linked back, or, if such changes are confined to a single repository, the issue could be transferred there – whatever is more appropriate.

Examples documents conforming to both Well-Tagged PDF (WTPDF) and PDF/UA-2 standard produced by the LaTeX Project

Under “Discussions” there is a page with WTPDF / PDF/UA-2 example documents that have been produced March 2024 using the then current prototype code. Check them out.

PDF 1.7 versions of the documents (also generated automatically by altering the \DocumentMetadata declaration) are now also available, see the page PDF/UA-1 Examples by the LaTeX Project for details.

Using the LaTeX prototype for accessible PDF

We have written a few guidelines explaining how to use the prototype for generating accessible PDFs. The documentation will be updated whenever we alter the still temporary interfaces.

Status of LaTeX classes and packages with respect to Tagging

A list of core and contributed LaTeX packages, and their compatibility with the tagging code


LaTeX Project Public License, version 1.3c or later.